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Environmental Arts is a growing company ...

  • dedicated to excellence and great customer service

  • ready to implement your landscape dream

  • able to enhance your ideas with our own expertise

  • adding value to your property and pleasure to your life

  • preserving and complementing your natural environment.


Below are some recent works - click image to see larger versions

Viewing Platform

Client required a structure to show prospective buyers what it would be like to have a house on the site she was selling.

Because of its cliff-top position there were special engineering issues that needed to be resolved, so we developed this counterbalanced structure. Classic case of form following function as aesthetically, it is a most appealing structure.

Designed by Daniel Johnson

click to view larger

Stone Guardians

Client required a gate without a gate. We designed this set of stones and threshold to act as a psychological barrier to this private roadway. It works well, noone but residents uses the road now.

Further, The stones have a spiritual quality as if guarding the property. They appear timeless.

Designed by Daniel Johnson

Stone Sculpture

Hand Carved Sculpture

Designed by Daniel Johnson - Sculpted by Timothy Ford


Flooded gully which turned into a mud puddle after roadworks. We redefined it as wetlands. The frogs have moved in and ducks are seen here regularly.

Stone Wall

Serious erosion problem solved with this free form wall, which runs into the wetland above.

A good stylistic example of our stone work.

Designed by Daniel Johnson, Karl Merriman, Shane Watts and Kura McCarthy.

Main Gates

Main Gates to a large property in Russell, Bay of Islands. Simple farm gates chosen so as to allow a continuous flow of eyesight along the road. Large stone plinths installed to frame and old pier timbers create a feeling of approach.

Designed by Daniel Johnson

Faux Pa

We created this Pa Site look to cover a set of mobile phone transformers and other equipment.

Designed by Karl Merriman

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